Baked Feta With Honey SpreadEnhance the humble block of crumbly feta into a luxurious, creamy spread with a touch of honey and a burst of heat. Pair this delightful spread with warm pita and fresh vegetables for a refreshing summer supper. Complete the experience with a chunk of crusty bread and a glass of chilled white wine, creating the ideal warm-weather meal. If thyme honey is unavailable, regular honey serves as a suitable alternative for this delectable dish.
Honey and Goat Cheese BruschettaA delightful brunch featuring a creative take on bruschetta infused with delightful floral notes. Begin with crispy sourdough as your canvas, generously adorned with velvety goat's cheese, gently grilled to perfection. Sprinkle on some crunchy walnuts for texture, and then graciously drizzle with a touch of delicately sweet lavender honey to complete the masterpiece. With just five simple ingredients and a mere 10 minutes of preparation, this brunch idea promises both elegance and simplicity, making it an effortless choice for a memorable celebration!