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Long Island, NY

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A logo with a yellow circular background features a stylized bee illustration in the center. The text "HONEY HOUSE" is above the bee, and "SWEET LOCAL HONEY" is below, emphasizing its premium quality.

Long Island, NY

My Honey Buzz

Welcome to My Honey Buzz, your go-to source for delicious, locally harvested honey on Long Island. As dedicated beekeepers, we take pride in our craft, tending to our hives with care and passion to bring you the finest honey nature has to offer. Nestled amidst the scenic landscapes of Long Island, our bees collect nectar from a variety of blossoms, resulting in a unique and flavorful honey that captures the essence of our island.

From floral to fruity notes, each jar of My Honey Buzz is a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. Join us in savoring the sweet taste of Long Island’s bounty, one jar at a time.

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Sweetest Moments

A hand holding a honey dipper over a jar of sweet local honey, surrounded by garlic, ginger, lemon, an orange, a pitcher of milk, and autumn leaves on a wooden background.
A jar of sweet local honey with a paper and twine cover is placed on a wooden table. Honeycomb pieces and a wooden honey dipper are next to the jar.
A jar of sweet local honey sits on a wooden table surrounded by daisies and greenery, with sunlight streaming through a window in the background.
A jar of sweet local honey with a wooden honey dipper placed on a wooden surface, surrounded by small flowers, captured in warm natural light.
Two jars of sweet local honey sit on a wooden surface surrounded by blooming flowers and twigs, with one jar partially open. Sunlight filters through the flowers, illuminating the honey.
A wooden honey dipper drips sweet local honey into a glass jar filled with more honey on a wooden table, surrounded by small flowers and nuts, with a bokeh background.
Jars of sweet local honey and honeycomb arranged on a table at an outdoor market.
A table displays jars of sweet local honey and stacked homemade breads, illuminated by soft, natural light.
A jar of sweet local honey sits on a tree stump in a field of wildflowers during sunset.
Several small glass jars filled with sweet local honey, each capped with a golden lid and adorned with a bow, are displayed on a wooden table. White flowers are scattered around, and the background shows a blurred outdoor scene.



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